A call in the middle of the night wakes up a man - it's his mother, she's been kidnapped. For her to live, he'll have to do something he never thought he would. This 5 min short film serves as  part of a pitch for a horror tinged show.  We were lucky enough to work with AJ Bowen (The Son),  Will Wallace  (The Kidnapper), and  Julia Silverman (The Mom).

Director: Victor Ridaura
Producer: Jason Kaminsky and  Gabriel Blanco
Writer: Victor Ridaura
Cinematographer: Andrew Jeric
Music: Sherri Chung
VFX: 90 Degrees West


A young girl and a young boy experience a magical connection while stuck in LA traffic. The film was produced in collaboration with a grant from the Peter Stark Producing program. A grant given to three USC Peter Stark Filmmakers every year to fully finance their work.  

Length: 7mins 36 secs

Director: Victor Ridaura
Producers: Jason Kaminsky and  Matthew Conrad
Writer: Tad Daggerhart
Story: Victor Ridaura, Jason Kaminsky, and  Matthew Conrad
Music: Sherri Chung
Animation: Dan Lund


In this  magic realist Spanish-set love story, a baker, who can tell if two people are meant to be, will discover something about his own future that will change his life. 

Length: 7mins 15secs

Director: Victor Ridaura
Producer: Tracy Oliver
Writers: Tracy Oliver & Victor Ridaura
Cinematographer: Xavier Vanegas
Editor: Brittany Hapner
Music: Zack Hexum



This is a personal project done for myself. It's the result of a Friday night with nothing to do and a weird song stuck in my head. Kids seem to enjoy it. I enjoy it. Maybe you will too. Worst case scenario, you only wasted 16 seconds.

All Production (including singing): Victor Ridaura




A long, long time ago, I did this with a couple of my friends in a dorm room in NY. One of the first things I ever did. Still love it to this day. Shot it in B&W 8mm reversal film. Most of the stuff here we did practically - including taking over our living room to build a set. This is basically a weird dream I kept having while living far, far away from home. Hope you enjoy.

Director, Writer, Editor: Victor Ridaura
Cinematographer: Joan Vitores